GSJGA Handbook/Rules



Course Set Up:

Course Yardages will be set up with the following guidelines in each division. Tees are not set until the staff arrives on site. Tournament set up can change, including yardages, to offset inclement weather, course guidelines and other course conditions. The following are typical yardages:

18 Hole Division

Boys 16-18: 6,000 – 6,500 Yards             Girls 16-18: 5,500 – 5,900 Yards

Boys  13-15 5,400 – 5,900 Yards             Girls 13-15 5,000 – 5,400 Yards

Boys 12 & Under – 5,000 -5,300 Yards   Girls 12 & Under – Under 5,000 Yards


9 Hole Division – All age groups (Boys 11 & Up, Boys 10 & Under, Girls 11 & Up, Girls 10 & Under) all play from the same tees. Each Par 5 is set up roughly at 400 yards, each par 4 is set up at 250 yards and each par 3 is set up under 100 yards. The total course yardage will range from 2200 – 2500 yards.


Event Fees and Registration Policy:

1 Day 18 Hole Division: $40

2 Day 18 Hole Division: $55

9 Hole Division - $30

Event Registration closes at midnight 5 days before the event. Entries taken after event registration will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director and will be subject to a $10 late registration fee.


Special Events


Some events require selection of GSJGA members for participation.

The FSGA Team Championships are held in early August each year. GSJGA may bring four teams of three players, one team per division: Boys 16-18, Girls 16-18, Boys 13-15, Girls 13-15. Teams will be selected at the conclusion of the Winter Tournament Series in early June to allow for summer vacation scheduling. Two players in each division will be chosen using the following criteria:

1.       Player must have completed at least 50% of the WTS events.

2.       Players meeting 50% criteria will be asked in order of Player of the Year points earned

The third player on each team will be chosen by by Association’s Board of Directors.


The GSJGA Tournament of Champions is played in August each year, after the conclusion of the summer season. Both Winter Tournament Series and Summer Season participation and points are used to determine which players will be invited to participate. Criteria for all divisions is as follows:

1.       Player must have completed at least 50% of GSJGA events for the year.

2.       Players must have earned at least the minimum number of points a player competing in all events for the year would earn.

For example, if there are a total of 15 GSJGA tournaments for the year, players who completed 8 or more events and earned 75 or more Player of the Year points would be invited to the Tournament of Champions.


Any other events requiring selection of players will have participants decided by the Association’s Board of Directors.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of registration for an event prior to the close of registration for that event will get a full refund less transaction fees. Cancellation of registration after registration is closed but before pairings published will get a 50% refund. Cancellation of registration after pairings are sett will not be subject to any refund of registration fee.


Weather Policy:

Suspension of play will be executed if lightning strikes within a 6 mile radius of the golf course. Suspension of play will resume once lightning has cleared the 6 mile radius. For 1 Day events (9 hole or 18 hole) if there is a weather delay of more than 90 minutes, the event will be cancelled.


Caddies: NEW FOR 2017

Caddies are prohibited for Regular Tour 18 Hole Events in the 13-15 and 16-18 year old divisions. Caddies are permitted for EJT Events provided that the caddie is of similar age to the competitor. Caddies are also permitted in the 9 Hole Futures Tour Division as well asthe 12 & Under divisions in the 18 Hole Events. Caddies may not coach the player during the round. They can assist in club selection, raking the bunkers, tending the flagsticks and other roles that a caddie plays.


Distance Measuring Devices are permitted but must be set to “distance only”


Tournament Pairings

Pairings are set randomly within each flight for each event in groups of 3. In order to maximize the tee sheet and provide structure for proper pace of play, players in different age groups might be paired together.

Age Groups

18 Hole Division

 Boys 16-18, Girls 16-18, Boys 13-15, Girls 13-15, Boys 12 & Under, Girls 12 & Under


9 Hole Division

Boys 11 & Up, Girls 11 & Up, Boys 10 & Under, Girls 10 & Under


Move Up Policy

 A Player may decide to move up into an older division at any time. However once that decision has been made, they must stay in that division for the balance of the year. If it becomes apparent that a child is playing in a division that is above their playing ability, it will be the Associations decision to place them accordingly.



 To play in the 18 hole division, a player must be able to average 110 for 18 holes. To be eligible for the 9 hole division a player must be able to average less than 60 for 9 holes.


On-Site Registration

The player must register on site for each event. In the case of shotgun starts the player must register 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. In the case of a tee time start, the player must register on their starting tee 15 minutes prior to their tee time. A player who does not register in time may be subject to a two stroke penalty. A player who has not completed registration at the tournament site by the designated starting time WILL BE DISQUALIFIED


Rules and Rulings

USGA will govern all play except where it is necessary to apply local rules. Decisions of the members of the Rules Committee will be final in all matters concerning the interpretation and enforcement of the Rules of Golf and the tournament rules of the GSJGA.


Withdraws and No Shows

If a player finds they can not play in the event that he or she has registered they must withdraw 24 hours prior to the event by contacting the GSJGA. In the case of illness, call GSJGA prior to your designated tee time. DO NOT CALL THE GOLF COURSE. If you cannot compete and do not withdraw, you will be deemed a “no show” (NS) and will not be able to play in the next event.


Host Course

Tournament contestants and spectators are reminded that they are guests of the host club and proper conduct is expected. Any report of misconduct by either party may be grounds for disqualification and subject to further disciplinary actions by the Association.






The GSJGA will strictly enforce spectator rules in conjunction with the GSJGA tournaments. These spectator rules are consistent with those of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), the Florida Junior Tour (FJT) and other national junior tours and tournaments. Because the GSJGA is a "learning platform", enforcement is consistent with these national and state organizations.


Parents and other interested persons are encouraged to be spectators. Upon the request of the Rules Committee, or any member thereof, the Board of Directors shall have the right to indefinitely suspend any parent or other spectator for any violation of the Association’s Spectator Rules or for any unsportsmanlike behavior or other conduct which, in the opinion of the Board, is inconsistent with the Association’s purposes or is intended to interfere with the operation of the Association and its committees



General Spectator Policies


Spectators and parents, except those acting in an official capacity, are not allowed in the registration or scoring areas


Cell phones (on vibrate only) should not be used for unnecessary personal communications on the course.  Calls may be made at the clubhouse.


A player may not receive any advice from any spectator(s). It is the player’s responsibility to make sure spectators do not cause the player a violation. A few examples are:


Verbal communication with the player other than general            encouragement (see exceptions below).


Hand signals to the player, including gestures to influence player decisions.


Providing players with written material.


Positioning oneself to assist the player with aim and/or alignment.


If a violation of the above occurs, the appropriate penalty under the rules of golf will be applied to the player.


Spectators who need to talk with player(s) i.e. for health reasons, sunscreen, water, etc. must do so in front of other spectators and/or other players. Spectators are permitted to carry food, drinks, medicines and rain equipment. Conversations with players shall not occur during play of the hole. Conversation with players during play of the hole or without other spectators or players being present could be deemed “giving advice”. The player may be subject to a 2 stroke penalty.


Spectators are not allowed to give rulings or rules advice, there are officials on the course to provide players assistance when they need it.


Disrespect to officials , volunteers or players, as well as interference with discussions on rulings and scores will not be permitted.  Obscene, abusive or vulgar language will not be tolerated.


If possible, spectators must stay a minimum of 25 yards from the players.


Do not lag behind the players and stay off the fairway, as this often prevents the next group from being able to hit their shots.


Helping players by sanding divots is encouraged and appreciated.


Ideally, the spectators should be in front of their group, observe from the cart path or “rough”, move forward to the green when all shots have been completed.


Spectators may assist in searching for lost balls of all players in a group. Do not search while in a cart – get out of the cart and search on foot.


Spectators should observe the putting green from a reasonable distance that will not interfere with the players.


Spectators should NEVER be on the putting green.


Exceptions: Players in 9 hole divisions may have ONLY one caddie at a time. All others are considered spectators and are subject to the spectator policy.



Spectator Golf Cart Rules (when use of carts is permitted)


Carts are allowed at the discretion of the host facility and tournament director,

 The fees shall be determined by the host club..


Spectator carts should stay on cart path or in the rough – NOT IN A FAIRWAY.


Carts should only move forward on the golf course (from tee to green) – NOT BACKWARDS ON THE COURSE -this will keep from interfering with groups behind. 


During a course evacuation carts should take the quickest route to safety.


Carts may not move while players are playing a stroke.


Cart safety is a main priority and carts should not be overloaded.  Carts may be used for course evacuations, getting players to tee positions in a shotgun start tournament, or shuttling players between holes deemed necessary by the tournament director.


Spectator cart shuttling is prohibited; however, spectator carts shall be used to assist with a course evacuation of players and spectators or any other time when requested by the Committee.


NOTE: A violation of the above rules could result in the elimination of cart usage by the spectator.


Spectator Dress Code


Please remember that we are guests at our host course and should dress appropriately.  To be allowed on the course as a spectator, you MUST be attired in accordance with the GSJGA dress code. This is the same dress code required of our players. Appropriate golf attire must be worn - tailored slacks or shorts, collared shirts for men tucked in.

Examples of INAPPROPRIATE Attire:

Blue jeans, bike shorts, leggings, tank tops, tee shirts, midriff tops, halter tops, sports bras, short shorts or skirts (more than 5” above knee or less than 5” inseam), hats worn backwards.                                    


NOTE: A violation of the above rules could result in the spectator being asked to leave the course.



The GSJGA Junior Events have been designed around our Junior golfers, not spectators.  We strive to build an environment in which our young people can flourish and enjoy the game of golf to the fullest extent.  Parents or spectators violating the above rules may result in the disqualification of the related player. Flagrant or repeated violation of the rules may result in expulsion from the event and loss of any future spectator privileges.


The GSJGA reserves the right to amend, modify or add to this document as it sees necessary.





Weather Updates or Cancellations for Current Tournament Play




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